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District Administrator: Andy George

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The opening date for classic travel has been moved to April 9th.   However,...
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The opening date for classic travel has been moved to April 9th.


However, once schedules are published by the league commissioner, managers may change the date and times of games by mutual agreement.  This includes playing games prior to April 9th, if both teams agree.  Note that when commissioners generate schedules, the game times are system generated and not final.  Home team managers must secure fields and referees, which will alter times.


No teams will be compelled to play on April 16 (Easter), April 30 (tournaments) and May 28 (Memorial Day).  If teams agree, they may use these dates to play in advance or play a make up.  There is no prohibition to playing on these dates, but teams cannot be forced to play (at risk of forfeit).


For certain leagues with an odd number of teams or less than 8 teams, commissioners may use April 30th as an assigned date.  This is a placeholder for convenience.  The teams are expected to reschedule by mutual agreement.  Again, playing on April 30th is permissible assuming both teams agree.


Spring is often a complicated season for teams and players (vacations, school functions, religious ceremonies, etc.).   Please be understanding and flexible in scheduling matches with your opponents.  Utilize Saturdays and weekdays as alternate game dates.  Managers should establish contact with opposing teams early in the season to set expectations.  The overarching objective is to play all matches and have no forfeits.


A list of league commissioners is available on the website (see "commissioners" in the left-column menu).

by posted 03/17/2017




JAN 19             SWD District Governing Board Meeting

JAN 28             CJSA AGM



FEB 1               SWD Travel and Rec. Plus entris to the SWD leagues begin

FEB                  NO SWD District Governing Board Meeting



MAR 12           Deadline for entering Classic Travel teams on SWD site ($100 assessment after

                        this date)

MAR 16           SWD District Governing Board Meeting

MAR 19           Classic Travel brackets announced ($200 assessment for entry after this date, no guarantee of entry)

MAR 21 – 27   Classic Travel schedules published

MAR 26           Deadline for entering Rec-Plus teams on SWD site



APR    9       Classic Travel Leagues begin play (8 game schedule)

APR  2             Rec-Plus schedules published

APR  7             CT CUP early deadline 3pm, $75.00 per team

APR  7             State CUP early deadline 3pm, $225.00 per team

APR  8             Rec-Plus Leagues begin play (8 game schedule)

APR 14                        Deadline for CT CUP ($150.00) and State CUP ($325.00)

APR 16                        Easter Weekend – No games scheduled

APR 18            CT CUP Roster’s Frozen at 3pm, U19 freeze 1 week prior to play

APR 20                        SWD District Governing Board Meeting

APR 20                        CT and State CUP draw & results posted

APR 29 – 30    Tournament Weekend - No Classic Travel games scheduled (make up weekend)



MAY  8                        CT CUP probable 1st round for brackets under 64 teams

MAY 18           SWD District Governing Board Meeting

MAY 28           Memorial Day Weekend – No Games scheduled



JUN  1             Deadline for SWD scholarship applications

JUN  4             State CUP Finals

JUN 11  18                      Last day of play for Classic Travel and Rec-Plus

JUN 15                        SWD District Governing Board Meeting

JUN 17            CT CUP Finals


JULY                NO SWD District Governing Board Meeting


by posted 01/22/2017